DXC Technology partnership
with Tesco Bank


Tesco Bank’s strategic focus was to offer outstanding customer service through digital transformation. This required them to reinvent themselves as a technology company. Enter DXC. Via a one-to-one, account-based marketing focus, DXC Technology targeted Tesco Bank in a reputational awareness and brand building campaign. DXC wanted to show Tesco Bank how to harness the power of insight to deliver customer-centric digital experiences and build an operational foundation of support as an agile bank of the future. DXC were positioned as the right partner for change, using one-to-one ABM to show how Tesco Bank can become one of the most technologically advanced banks in the UK.


DXC’s ABM plan was to ignite the possibility of accelerated change helping Tesco Bank to harness the power of new technology such as AI and Machine Learning to deliver better outcomes for their customers. The insights detailed the way for Tesco Bank to transform its technology and operational structure through managed change; and no one has guided business through more of that change than DXC Technology. The campaign identified the call out for ‘good partnership’ on which everything else is built, as well as the independence that DXC Technology has to bring together innovative technology partners. In this one-to-one ABM campaign, with the right people, technology and solutions in place, it was possible to forge the way forward. DXC Technology and Tesco Bank’s teams become true partners, becoming agents for change.


Following the discovery of the partnership insights and developing an activation plan for taking DXC Technology’s proposition into the account, an ABM campaign approach was delivered. The activation ignited the development of an essence and a culture of how DXC Technology’s partnership with Tesco Bank could be portrayed in a series of high-quality assets, including a website, sales presentations and a campaign video. The final development saw a roundtable event take place between senior technology stakeholders in both organisations, helping to bring to life the 20-year vision that underpinned the relationship between the two organisations and celebrating the possibilities that both
could achieve in that timeframe.



Timeframe to launch


Engagement with >50% of targeted C-level executives

8 weeks

From launch until opportunities were identified

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