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Post-Coronavirus Workplace: Let’s rethink the way we do things

COVID-19 has changed the way the world looks at everything. There is no single aspect of our lives that hasn’t had to adapt or change. Some of these changes have been great (OMG: puppies/babies/kittens on video calls, and let’s not forget the amazing recipes we are all trying) and some, not so great. Certainly, our workplaces will NEVER be the same and that’s not a bad thing.

Some companies are struggling to adapt to this new normal. Many have successfully ironed out a few of the wrinkles but others are still working out how to adapt. What most companies are finding is something Hotwire learned a long time ago. The most critical aspect of any business’ digital transformation is communication and collaboration. Building an agile and high performing team starts by setting a standard of how you work and communicate as a business.  Understanding how to use technology to enable your users to work from anywhere as if they were physically in an office is essential.

Flexibility to remotely work has been increasingly in demand in recent years, and this has driven the development of some great collaboration tools. However, many companies haven’t implemented the correct tools and resources to adapt to new challenges, such as collaboration and accessibility, while maintaining security and data integrity.  Can we find a solution that checks all the boxes?

Historically it has been difficult to not only make sure you have the right tools in place, but also account for client hardware that is compatible.  Many tools on the market require specific hardware, operating systems, and just the right amount of luck to utilize all of their features.

Even big corporations are beginning to see the light. Specialized collaboration tools such as Avaya Spaces are opening the door for vertical markets, banking, healthcare, and manufacturing to allow for working remotely.  The technology is built for this time and now it is finding a way to work differently than before in work groups and teams. The future of work has never been more relevant and how people and technology interact to get the most done for business is our real deal today.

That’s not to say there will not be bumps on the road bringing the new workplace to life, but companies should begin with investment in these tools. As users become more accustomed to new normal, a culture of communication and collaboration will develop organically.  This type of development leads to a more authentic and multi-dimensional environment.

Now if you need me, I have a 4pm video cooking class being taught by a cat.